1: Something is better than nothing

Not! A marketing budget can add up quick! Do not fall into the marketing hole by assuming something is better than nothing at all. This may only mask the real problem. Professionals can agree that marketing is a must, but poor planning can derail projected goals quickly. Creating an annual strategic plan, which lays out both marketing and advertisement budgets separately, is the solution. Along with this plan should include quarterly goals to measure sales with marketing campaigns. This will allow for small adjustments throughout the year and big changes the following year. Being strategic with your marketing will position you in the community and highlight new products at the right time.


2: Consumers need the cheapest prices

False. Look at yourself as a consumer for a second. How many times have you had buyer’s remorse because you bought the cheapest product on the marketing? You get what you pay for. Truth is consumers have become growingly intelligent. They know marketing strategies, they know consumer reports, and most importantly they know value. Value should always be at the forefront of marketing. If you can show them the value in owning this product or service, then you have sale and hopefully a brand advocate.


3: You better hire a firm

Damn Daniel back at again with another misconception. If you got that joke than you know how powerful teamwork can be. If not, here’s a link to another grass-roots viral sensation. Truth is your organization is filled with insiders and talent. You have a diverse team of long term and new employees. Allow them to create marketing plans from the ground up. They know your customers and they know your logistics. Avoid spending money on consulting and add those big dollars to your marketing. Focus on grass roots marketing.


4: Email marketing turns off prospective buyers

Here are the numbers. The statistics are staggering and it is time to put this myth aside and focus on your next email campaign.

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