We have all seen it… cause related campaigns have become growingly popular in the Hampton Roads area in recent years. These campaigns have brought major corporations and community partners together to support social and environmental issues. This growing trend is getting people off the couch and mobilizing true activism.

So what is “Cause Marketing?”

Cause marketing can be defined as a type of marketing that involves collaborative efforts of for-profit and non-profit organizations for a common purpose.

So why are they so successful?

Cause marketing campaigns create community engagement. This engagement builds trust with your stakeholders. Young Millennial has been the most influential in this changed landscape and are being marketed to more. Here are important trends that explain this – The Young Millennial seeks brands and businesses that focus on social and environmental issues (87% Male, 92% female). Millennial Males value engagement through online videos, games, and social media. Millennial Females value joining a conversation and inspiring others. Social Media is used to engage in cause efforts and communicate directly with the company. It is important to partner with a non-profit that shares interest and to utilize social media to add another dimension to your next campaign.

What are some ideas for a Cause Marketing Campaign?

Here are our five for the month!

  1. Race Events (5k, 10K, Half Marathon, or Marathon)

On your mark, get set, go! Race events not only fundraise, but also create a fun family environment. This health initiative brings awareness and research to a given cause. Race events focus on a deeper level of engagement and relationship building.

  1. Buy one, Gift one 

For every product purchased, donate one to someone in need. This campaign allows your stakeholders to help in the fight for a good cause by buying a product. Are your products too expensive to be donated? Donate a coat this winter for every item sold.

  1. Restoration project

Help the community restore a landmark or build a playground. This cause campaign gives back to your stakeholders and generations to come.

  1. Employee Engagement Campaign

Get your employees involved and start a campaign today. Our favorite is the pay for jean day initiative. Allow your employees wear jeans to work as long as they donate to a great cause. This will boost morale and bring awareness to a great cause

  1. Purchase Donation Campaign

Every time your stakeholder buys your product 10 cents will go to a nonprofit of your choice.

Here are great examples cause marketing campaigns in action.

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