Every year on the first friday of March we celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. The origin of this “unofficial” national holiday dates back to 1995 and was created by Bob Nelson. This year we celebrate Employee Appreciation Day on March 4th, 2016.

Ideally, each day should be centered on your team and their success. Your employees are the heartbeat of your organization, however shifting the focus on them may be difficult in your working environment. If this is the case take this upcoming day as an opportunity to show your team the organization cares.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day!

Catered Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Start the morning off right with a free breakfast! Do not forget to engage with your staff during this time. Use this time to go around the room and respond to two questions: (1) Who on your team you are thankful for and (2) Who you want to get to know more. Use this time to break the ice, but also create a fun environment.

Health Promotions

Your team is stressed and could be subject to intense pressure. Show them you care with a free fitness tracker! This highlights the importance of maintaining health and reducing stress. Most products can be personalized with a name or logo of the organization. Search “Fitness” for all our products that support your staff getting healthy.3.

Utilize your Marketing

Position your marketing in a way that promotes your organization and staff. Strategically spotlight an employee each month! March is the perfect month to start this Employee Appreciation Marketing Campaign.

IBS Tip: Place this spotlight on your home page! Include fun facts about the person and their job duties. Make it light-hearted and fun.

Start an Employee Initiative

Let’s fundraise for a great cause. Allow your staff to take Employee Appreciation Day and give back to the community. Let the team coordinate and donate to cause of their choice.

Engaging Incentive

Raises, commission, and incentives are important and meaningful conversations you need to have with each staff member. It is cost effective to keep the talent you have then to hire and rehire. The most important part of talent acquisition is providing learning and growing environment. Transparency is essential in where the organization is headed and how your employee’s fit in its growth. Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect day to insert a new incentive and promotion for bonuses.

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