Are you looking for a unique, memorable way to advertise your company?  If so, a full or partial vehicle wrap, which is a sunlight and carwash-proof self-adhesive color printed film applied to the exterior of your vehicle, is a wonderful way to display your company logo, graphics, and motto to potential customers.  Below are some of the reasons you should consider wrapping your company vehicles.

  • A wrapped vehicle, particularly one done in bright colors, will stand out from other automobiles on the road and instantly attract people’s attention.
  • It is estimated that a traveling vehicle can be seen by as many as 3000 people per hour.  Vehicle wraps allow you to expose all of these drivers to your company brand, and many of these potential customers will be ones you likely have not reached through traditional advertising methods in your local market.
  • Vehicle wrapping is a subtle form of advertising.  A potential client may find radio ads disruptive and change the channel, or throw away a flier received in the mail, but they can’t help noticing a wrapped vehicle travelling in front of their car on the roadway.
  • The alternative method of advertising to drivers, a billboard, is much more expensive than wrapping a vehicle.  Depending on the location, a billboard ad can cost thousands of dollars per month, while a vehicle wrap averages out to costing approximately $52 per month per vehicle.

Vinyl vehicle wraps have an added bonus, and that is that they help protect the body of your company vehicles from the tiny dents and scratches that result from being hit by debris on the road.  This will keep them in better condition and give them a higher resale or trade-in value in the future.

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