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Articles about marketing

6 Unexpected Habits of the Most Confident People

Last updated: 11/12/2019

Here's something you know. Being self-confident improves odds of success, whether you're a leader wanting to lead confidently, an entrepreneur, or someone just trying to learn...

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Instagram is Testing a Controversial New Way to Make Your Instagram Feed Less Toxic

Last updated: 11/12/2019

Instagram has a problem. Likes aren’t always good for business -; or for its users.  There’s a growing concern that the social media platform has negative effects on the mental...

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Optimizing customer retention will be a priority in 2020 – TechCrunch

Last updated: 11/11/2019

We’ve seen our fair share of shocking headlines recently: tenuous IPOs, the “retailpocalypse” and a fickle market have reset the way we size up subscription businesses....

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The 9 Types of People You Wish Would Stop Emailing You

Last updated: 11/10/2019

If you don't enjoy communicating via email, maybe it's because everyone has become so bad at it. When scrolling through my inbox, I come across nine distinct types of...

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Why You Need to Study This Google Formula to Win Customers and Grow Your Business

Last updated: 11/03/2019

I like to think I have a good reputation. Someone who works hard, knows what he's doing, creates helpful products, and is trustworthy. So when I started a company, I figured...

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8 Little-Known Instagram SEO Techniques for Increasing Reach

Last updated: 10/28/2019

Instagram is an undeniably viable platform for marketing in 2019. In fact, Instagram has officially reached more than one billion active monthly users -- which means it's now...

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4 Ways Executives Can Instill a Growth Mindset in the Employees They Lead

Last updated: 10/23/2019

Growth-minded individuals are constantly looking for ways to get a little better than they were yesterday. They aren't afraid to take risks or put in the extra effort to become...

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3 Simple Things That Will Make You the Most Interesting Person in Any Conversation

Last updated: 10/01/2019

Tired of showing up to those networking events or cocktail parties because your brain has already decided it's going to be a drag being asked the same dumb questions and...

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5 Ways to Build Powerful Relationships That Will Grow Your Business

Last updated: 09/30/2019

In the entrepreneur world, it's still a popular misconception that the "idea" is everything. Even though investors like myself have long made it clear that we invest in people,...

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How to Demonstrate Your Strategic Thinking Skills

Last updated: 09/26/2019

Developing your strategic thinking skills isn’t enough to get you promoted. In order to advance in your career, you need to demonstrate them. Leaders want to know what you...

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