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10 Steps to Make a Full Business Recovery from the Crisis

Last updated: 05/21/2020

1. Adapt to Customers’ Lockdown Behavior & Assume It’s Here to Stay People split into two big categories during the crisis: Those who stay at home. Essential workers who put...

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Best Ways to Increase The Resale Value of Your Home

Last updated: 05/19/2020

After purchasing your first home, you’ll probably need some time to adjust to your new ownership costs. Maintaining and repairing various aspects of this investment can be...

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10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO | PromotionWorld

Last updated: 05/04/2020

Search engine optimization made its big debut in the 1990s. Following its claim to fame, site owners and entrepreneurs alike began introducing this brand-boosting practice into...

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SEO 101: What is Structured Data?

Last updated: 05/04/2020

If you’re familiar with Ryan’s Hack My Growth videos you’ve likely heard about structured data,, and possibly JSON-LD. But what exactly do these terms mean? Keep...

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Why Is SEO Important In 2020? - Knnit

Last updated: 04/22/2020

SEO is a brilliant digital marketing discipline that allows websites to increase their search engine rankings by increasing their website traffic through well-written content....

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Starting a Business Blog? 10 Blogs for New Business Bloggers To Follow

Last updated: 04/20/2020

A little over two years ago, I sat down to write a business blog post for the first time. The company for which I was working at the time had just started their blog and I...

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Is Email Marketing Worth It in 2020?

Last updated: 04/08/2020

Is Email Marketing Worth It in 2020? Email marketing has gone through a lot of change over the years. As one of the first and most useful digital marketing tools, email...

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How to Design & Implement a Workflow for Publishing Online Content

Last updated: 03/25/2020

The best way to maintain and standardize the quality of your website's content is to design and implement a publishing workflow that is managed by your content management...

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20 Ways Your SEO Agency Can Generate Leads Every Day

Last updated: 03/19/2020

(Image source: Clipart.Email ) At the top of our list is the number one most effective way to generate leads. It’s actually amazing how email has kept this title for two decades...

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How to Deal with Grief & Run a Business at the Same Time

Last updated: 03/11/2020

Things were going so well for me in my business. But there’s nothing quite like the death of a loved one to knock you out of the daydream that is your perfectly crafted...

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