The way you choose to furnish and decorate your office space has an impact on the way clients and other business contacts will perceive you.  Therefore, investing your time and energy into creating the best first impression possible with your office décor can result in increased success and revenue for your company.  Below are some tips to help get you started in creating the ideal workspace.

The first thing guests will see is your reception area, so it is very important to arrange it in a way that will make an immediate impact.  Primarily, you should make sure the area is branded with your company name and logo; an ideal spot for this is the wall behind where the receptionist sits.  Next, you should consider the furniture.  Your receptionist’s desk and chair need to be of high quality, and the area surrounding the desk must be neat and tidy.  The waiting room area should have furniture in a similar style to the receptionist’s desk.  A nice added touch would be to purchase chairs in the colors used in your company logo.  Pay attention to the small details in the waiting area, such as making sure it is well lit for reading, and supplying reading materials that may be of interest to visitors.

In terms of your office as a whole, you want it to have a professional and uncluttered look.  This means avoiding overcrowding the space you have with too much furniture, as it is important for your employees to be able to maneuver freely and easily. This is another area where small details, such as proper lighting, matching furniture, a well-placed plant or two, and some colorful paintings, can make a big impression.

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