Compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard is required of all merchants that store, process, or transmit cardholder data. Even if your website is not storing credit card data and using an internet merchant account, your ecommerce solution still transmits that data and is thereby subject to PCI compliance rules. A “merchant” is defined as any entity accepting payment via any form of payment card. The program applies to all payment channels, including retail (brick-and-mortar), mail/telephone order, and ecommerce. Our site and all our client e-commerce sites we produce are PCI compliant.

The PCI Data Security Standard consists of twelve basic requirements and corresponding sub-requirements. Certification requires passing an initial vulnerability assessment, annual reassessment and our own ongoing compliance management to ensure that the certified entity meets or exceeds the standards set by the PCI Council. Our systems are scanned daily and audited quarterly for compliance certification.

For your customers or employees, online purchasing means they can shop whenever and wherever.  For you, it can mean higher sales, lower overhead, and the automation of processes that were once time consuming.

Built with your business needs in mind, our easy-to-use, hosted ecommerce platform is designed to provide the flexibility you need to create a branding experience. It is integrated with support software for accounting, inventory and just-in-time fulfillment while complying with the highest levels of security certification possible.

IBS produces and maintains your e-commerce for promotional products and office supplies, ensuring you don’t have to worry about security!