As a business owner, it is ideal to have your employees excited to come to work each day and motivated to do their best.  Creating a comfortable office environment can help achieve this.  Your goal should be to keep the atmosphere light and fun without crossing over into being too festive.  Here are some ideas to make your office an enjoyable and productive place to work.

  • Casual Fridays– It’s amazing what being allowed to wear jeans to the office can do to boost morale for the day.  If your business is client facing and it is not practical to have weekly casual dress days, consider holding a few throughout the year.  A good time to do this would be around holidays, when business should be slower.  You can also consider theme days.  For example, having your employees wear their favorite team jersey the Friday before the start of football season will certainly encourage some entertaining employee interaction.
  • Food– Coffee and tea are daily staples for many, and if you keep your office kitchen stocked with them, your employees won’t have to leave the office for their mid-afternoon caffeine fix.  Installing a vending machine will provide people with much needed snacks and prevent hunger from distracting them from their tasks.  Food is also a great reward.  If your office has just met a big deadline, consider bringing in lunch for everyone, giving them an opportunity to relax a bit and chat with each other.
  • Creative Use of Wall Space– Intersperse the usual motivational posters with a few bulletin boards.  You can use them for recognizing outstanding employees, employee announcements, posting the achievements of your business, etc.  Leave one bulletin board for the employees to decorate with things they are comfortable sharing about their lives.  During break time, people will really enjoy seeing pictures of their coworkers’ vacations, children, grandchildren, etc.

If you are looking to make your office space more comfortable and still aren’t sure where to start, soliciting the opinions of your employees is a wonderful idea.  That act in itself will go a long way toward making them feel more valued.