Managing Supplies for the Workplace

Integrated Business Solutions knows that business products are essential to keep operations working efficiently. The office products industry offers more than three quarters of a million stock items. If you don’t have the right office products when needed, it is a productivity downfall. It is important to work with people you can count on like your team at Integrated Business Solutions. Integrated Business Solutions provides paper products, filing and records storage, desk accessories, writing and correction supplies, art and drafting supplies boards, printers and copiers, and more.

Once you have the office supplies on hand, it is important to track spending and usage by following simple rules of basic inventory management. First, one of the top rules of good inventory management is to make sure you have someone within the organization designated to manage supplies.  Sounds simple, but we have seen many companies struggle with this responsibility, especially with employee position changes. As a business owner, you need to appoint a gatekeeper to successfully maintain inventory, communicate usage guidelines, and basically need what is on hand and how long it has been there. Whatever system is used, we advise clients how to monitor supplies, and we provide reliable online systems to make it easier.

Here are three ways which we can assist you with your bottom line…

  1. We will help you replace brand names with the degree of quality in the house brands we have handled for years.
  2. Our goal is to alleviate inventory hassles for your offices and facilities with next day deli8very for large ticket items.
  3. Our tools will help you manage in-house your orders.

Managing processes combined with our expertise and services will also prevent inventory from becoming outdated or obsolete.  We will plan, produce and assist by delivering just-in-time products, carefully monitored online.

Maintaining inventory of office supplies gives both your office and our supply specialists an opportunity to analyze which products should be purchased in larger quantities, turning into discount savings. The savings you receive accumulate quickly when you buy in bulk, and taking advantage of rewards programs builds up savings as well.  Remember, IBS produces…not only products but efficient systems and analytical, experienced personnel to support you!