Saving You Time & Money: It’s About Your Process

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Procurement Process Management (PPM)

A focus on your company’s process to buy products.

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Our customers have a procurement process for business consumables regardless of the size or type of their business. This process costs them more than the invoice price of the products they purchase. Our customers can save significant money by effectively managing all business consumables purchases to individual cost centers. With this data intelligence, IBS will conduct quarterly business reviews for your company and make recommendations to further reduce the costs it takes to run your business!

Helping Your Business

Significantly, the way that IBS can help your business is to reduce the impact of this expense-producing process on your organization. Anyone can sell you business products. Nobody can manage all of the categories your business needs on one purchase order.

PPM Stage Cycles

We focus on your company’s process to buy products. Strategically, your company can reapply resources freed up from your newly streamlined procurement process to the core, revenue-producing aspect of your business.

Paying for the Product

  • How often does accounting process invoices for payment?
  • Do you have a preference to pay off of statement or invoice?
  • Who reconciles packing slips and invoices? How?
  • What types of approval are required for payment?
  • What happens when an invoice is not completely filled? An incorrectly subbed item?
  • Do you receive cash rebates?
  • What is your internal?

Finding the Correct Product

  • …to fulfill your company’s needs.
  • How many products does your company use to run its’ business?
  • Do you use the internet to place order?
  • How do your employees access the internet?
  • How do you distribute vendor catalogs?
  • How do you distribute vendor catalogs?
  • What are your returns as a

Locating the Correct Vendor

  • …to deliver the products when you need it.
  • Who is your current vendor?
  • How do you determine which vendor you will place an order with?
  • What were important factors that caused you to choose your current vendor?
  • What is your cut-off time for placing orders?
  • How log does it take to receive stock vs. non-stock

Pricing the Product

  • How do you know the price for products you purchase?
  • Does your current vendor provide any documentation to show your price?
  • How often does pricing match between packing slip/invoice (and what you were quoted)?
  • How important is the lowest price to you? How important is efficiency of processes?
  • What information do you require for completion of purchase orders?

Ordering the Correct Product

  • How often do you order product from your current vendor?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 what is overall priority of ordering office consumables?
  • On same scale, how much of your company’s resources is taken ordering and distributing office products?
  • How do you order product from your vendors?
  • Who does the ordering for stock room products? Non-\stocked items?
  • Who is responsible for ordering different product categories?
  • How much does it cost your

Receiving the Product from the Vendor

  • When do you receive the products you order from the vendor? Is this considered next-day delivery?
  • How does your receiving department receive stock/non-stock items?
  • What is your fill rate? Ours is 99.2%.
  • Do you accept product subs (vs. our comparable product program!)?
  • What do your packing slips look like? What other information would be

Distributing the Product Internally

  • Does your company have other locations? Do you purchase for them? How are products shipped to these other locations?
  • How are stock and non-stock items distributed to your departments?
  • How do internal users get approval to place orders?
  • Do you stock items? How are products organized?
  • Do you have a stockroom clerk? What does this person do?
  • What other consumable products are managed

Charge Back & Budgeting

  • What is your budget or estimated spend for business consumables?
  • Does this include business consumables categories like paper, jansan, food service or just basic office products?
  • How are departments made aware of their purchases?
  • How does accounting track departmental purchases?
  • What documents does your current supply you with?
  • How do they present these reports to you?
  • What is the usage of the