If you are nervous about finding a job after college, be assured that there are plenty of resources out there to help you.  Your university career center can connect you to companies in your area seeking graduates with your skills, and can also assist you in crafting a resume.  The key for you will be having something to put on said resume.  Your ability to find a job after college is going to be directly related to things you have done while you were still a student.

The first step you should take is sanitizing your Facebook and Twitter pages.  Employers actually will view these sites to see what kind of person they are hiring.  If your friends have posted about the keg party you attended last night, delete the comments from your wall.  Remove any pictures of you or your friends impaired in any manner.  Change your settings so that your friends can’t tag you in photos without your approval; this way they can’t post any unflattering photos of you without your knowledge.

Next, sharpen your networking skills.  If your college holds any events that provide you with the opportunity to meet alumni, you should do so, regardless of the career field they are in. When your school has a career fair, attend it and speak with the representatives from different companies.  Set up a LinkedIn account, seek out people in your field of interest, and ask if you can speak with them for an informational interview about their position When searching for a job, it’s not only about whom you know, but who your contacts know as well.

Finally, it is crucial that you secure at least one internship during your college career.  If you perform well at an internship, it could very well lead to a job offer.  Even if it does not, it gives you relevant experience and references for your resume, which will ultimately help you land the job you want.